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Why Induck?

Value: College visits are expensive. We help you pick the right schools to visit and know what to look for when you go there.

  • On Induck you know the background of the student who the information is coming from.
  • Induck is the leading resource in finding social fit. We offer a detailed rendition of what happens socially, how different types of students navigate the social scene, and how they feel about the social scene.
  • Induck provides current information about issues on campus. We provide links to student newspaper articles about the issues that come up in interviews and also learn about how they affect the student experience.
  • Induck offers information on how to succeed at a school once a student arrives on campus.


Induck was born out of a need for more in-depth information about the student experience at different colleges. One of our co-founders was accepted to a school off of the waitlist and given 72-hours to decide whether to attend. He was unable to find the information he was looking for about the school online or in guidebooks, but was able to get in contact with a student at the school who gave him enough information to decide to attend. Not every student has the luxury of having a connection to a student at a school they are interested in, so Induck's mission is to provide the information one would find through a detailed conversation with a student at a school they are interested in.

New information is added to Induck daily, so remember to come back.

We are always trying to improve, so please give any feedback possible.

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Our Methods

We gather information from phone interviews with college students. After gathering information from a diverse group of sources, we summarize our impression of what students say in the Impressions section. ​

We solicit interviews by contacting the heads of clubs on campus, members of student government, and other leaders on campus for interviews. We then ask interviewees to refer friends and connections on campus who meet our goals for maintaing a diverse group of interviewees for every school. All interviewees are modestly compensated for participating in the interview.

If you have any questions, email Tucker at tuckerglotzbach@induck.co.


"Induck definitely made me feel more prepared to make a decision about where to go to college and made me realize that there was a variety of good options. I felt like Induck gave me a more in-depth and honest view of what these colleges are like, as opposed to listening to some student selected by the administration. Induck also saved me a lot of time because it gave me access to plenty of detailed information on various colleges, which was a lot easier than having to find on my own." - Male Junior in High School

I looked at some of the Hobart full interviews and they’re pretty dead accurate. Something like this would be pretty helpful if I was 17 again.
– Hobart College Male in C/O 2020

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