Brown Residential Life

Brown residential life is a key part of the student experience from freshman through senior year. Interviewees tell us that especially freshman year, the residential life experience at Brown plays an important role because many students make their closest friends through the dorm life. See all freshman living situations here. Female Health and Human Biology […]

The Brown BEO Concentration

Although some interviewees at Brown have mentioned that they do not feel that there is a “business-focused” major, students in the BEO concentration would disagree. Brown University has a unique business-focused concentration called Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations, otherwise known as “BEO.” It’s one of the most popular concentrations at Brown, and it’s easy to see […]

10 Schools that are Perfect Mix of Suburban and Urban

Schools with the perfect mix of Urban and Suburban locations: 1) Reed College 2) Bryn Mawr College 3) Brown University 4) Boston College 5) Santa Clara University 6) UC San Diego 7) Carnegie Mellon 8) CO School of Mines 9) Davidson College 10) Loyola MD Reed College is about a 10-minute drive from Downtown Portland. […]

10 Schools With Musically Inclined Social Scenes

Are you a musical student or want music to be an active part of your college social life? These schools are great places for you to research. See the short list below and scroll down for more in-depth explanations. 1) Reed College – Portland, OR 2) Grinnell College — Grinnell, IA 3) Vassar College – […]

How Do I Improve My Chances of Admission?

Good grades and consistent involvement are a start but are not the only factors in a college admission application. Over the past few years we have seen an increase in the number of applications a student submits. Colleges are aware their applicants are likely applying to other schools but can only enroll in one. Applicants […]

College Students Review Content on Induck

At Induck, we are the only college guide that asks college students to review our material about how accurate it is. Below are some of our reviews. We did not edit the reviews at all, so please excuse any grammatical errors or unclarity. Tulane “Tulane’s impressions are accurate both positive and negative. One I disagree […]

How to Research Colleges During the Coronavirus

With the recent pandemic of COVID-19 and colleges canceling visit days and tours, many high schoolers have been left without the best way to visit a school – the campus visit. Students now have to get creative with how they research schools, and we are here to give you some tips on ways to research […]

Bates College and Lewiston, Maine

Being located in Lewiston, Maine is one of the most unique parts of going to Bates and can both positively and negatively affect the experience of the students. Of course, students have easy access to the Androscoggin River and mountains to hike up in the warm weather and ski down when it snows, but Lewiston […]

What is going on with Greek life at Yale?

If you are applying to Yale or are interested in applying to Yale, you have probably learned the social scene largely revolves around three things: the residential hall system, extracurriculars, and Greek life. But, Greek life has been in the spotlight after three Yale students sued Yale and nine fraternities in February for creating a […]

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