College Students Review Content on Induck

College Students Review Content on Induck

At Induck, we are the only college guide that asks college students to review our material about how accurate it is. Below are some of our reviews. We did not edit the reviews at all, so please excuse any grammatical errors or unclarity.

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“Tulane’s impressions are accurate both positive and negative. One I disagree with is “it’s not a target school for NYC or LA companies because of its location”. In my friend group of 8, 3 are in LA and 3 are in New York. If you want to be in LA or NYC post grad it happens! Another one is about it being a party school. I think anywhere is a party school if that’s what you immerse yourself in and choose to get involved in. If it isn’t for you there is SO many other things to do!

The interviews seem to be a ton of the business school kids so definitely not as diverse as Tulane really is. Wish there were more public health and science and engineering because that’s as equal as public health is!”

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Wake Forest

“Overall, I think the student’s answers are very fair and reasonable. I resonated with a lot of their opinions. I think Induck does a really great job at giving prospective students a real glimpse at campus life at Wake Forest University. I hear a lot of times from prospective students that there is a big disconnect between what the admissions office portrays and what students actually experienced as a student. I think the information is honest and fair. I would absolutely recommend Induck!”

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Hobart and William Smith College

“I looked at some of the Hobart full interviews and they’re pretty dead accurate. Something like this would be pretty helpful if I was 17 again.”

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“As a senior at Elon University, I agree with most of the opinions from the student interviews showcased on Induck’s website. Most notably, there are ample opportunities for one-on-one relationships with professors. It’s all about finding a field of study you’re truly interested in, and getting involved with those classes and making an extra effort outside the classroom to get to know them.

A lot of the interviews mention how tough the social scene is. From the perspective of a white male, that’s pretty true. If you’re a guy and want a social life, you likely want to join Greek life. If not, that’s fine too there isn’t much stigma around that by your junior year, but you’ll end up having to make your own fun with your smaller cliquey. This likely means lots of time at the bars instead of fraternity parties. When discussing Greek life I feel like the most common comparison is to what you see in movies. That’s not really the case at Elon. With smaller chapters and fewer organizations, your options are limited. Parties are not allowed to happen on campus, so they end up being in small 3-bedroom houses off-campus. There are alternatives as mentioned by a student who took advantage of events put on by the Student Union Board. I’d say SUB has a consistent subset of students who attend lots of the events, but those who aren’t that interested are likely to forget about it all together.

I agree with students that the campus is small and walkable, but the food options are a little limited. With that said, the options have drastically improved over the past 4 years. The overall location is great, which is something a few student interviews disagreed with. Being a matter of hours from the mountains has allowed us to make multiple trips to Asheville, NC. Some say there isn’t much to do, but that’s only the case if your only definition of fun is partying. There are lots of options within driving distance such as rock climbing or hiking, not to mention Chapel Hill is only 45-minutes away, and Greensboro is even closer.

One student mentioned “The people here truly love Elon. The student body has a tremendous amount of school spirit and pride, and you can feel that on campus.” Overall I think everyone has some love for Elon, but I’d have to disagree with that statement because I think the majority of students don’t have tons of school spirit. This is probably because the sports scene isn’t popular.”

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