Impressions Of
Agnes Scott College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Agnes Scott College

To Attend

  • “We have such a great community and really amazing professors.”
  • “There’s an abundance of resources, whether it’s through Decatur, Atlanta, or relationships with professors and networking with other students.”
  • “You’ll be pushed academically to produce meaningful work that you see yourself reflected in.”
  • “Going to a women’s school can be very empowering because your confidence level goes up and you’re encouraged to speak your mind and have a strong head in terms of what you know.”
  • “We talk a lot about social issues here. If you’re interested in politics, government, or societal stereotypes, we talk about that a lot here. A lot of taboo subjects are discussed here like abortion rights and gender equality.”
  • “The network is awesome here, especially in terms of alumni. We have a lot of major social activists who have gone here.” [See distinguished alumni here.]

To Not Attend

  • “If you’re looking for a larger school with Greek life or a large social scene.”
  • “Our STEM environment is really limited. There is a place for you here, but it’s not super STEM-focused. It’s more liberal arts and social science-focused.”
  • “If you’re very closed-minded, I wouldn’t come here. We discuss so many different things. It’s important to accept new ideas and perspectives that you haven’t been exposed to before you come here.”
  • “The social life is a little bit lackluster, but they have a lot of great things to do.”
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June 5, 2023

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