Impressions Of
Bentley University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Bentley University

To Attend

  • “They are really good at teaching you all aspects of business. If business is what you want to do, it gives you a lot of good perspectives because you take a course in every different concentration. Once you graduate you’ll be exposed to marketing, management, finance, accounting, and so forth. That will give you a leg up on somebody who has only taken classes in their specific business major.”
  • “Career services are really good. They have a 99% job placement rate which is really impressive. You really get the vibe that the alumni are willing to help. If you message them on LinkedIn or ask them to coffee if they’re campus, they’re receptive to that. For me, the point of going to college is to get a job, so this school is really appealing to me because they’re so good at that.”
  • “There’s a place for everyone socially even though it’s a small community. There are a lot of social opportunities.”
  • “How well-recognized the school is both nationally and internationally. There are so many international students that come and I think that’s for a reason.” [About 15% of undergraduates are international students.]

To Not Attend

  • “If you aren’t the type of go-getter person. A lot of [your success at Bentley] is based on doing it on your own.”
  • “The food is not good, but they say they’re working on it.”
  • “Bentley doesn’t have a lot of school spirit in terms of athletics. If you want to watch sports, it’s not the school to come to.”
  • “The school much more geared towards the business students. If you don’t love business, you’ll hear about it every day.”
  • “If you’re someone who needs an amazing social life and needs to do something every weekend, then the social life aspect might not be the best. There aren’t any gameday tailgates or anything like that.”
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February 1, 2023

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