Impressions Of
Boston College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Boston College

To Attend

  • “I think the principles and founding ideas that Boston College has really do shape you into a more thoughtful individual who cares about what their impact is on their community in the future. You don’t realize that until you’ve graduated that that’s occurred.”
  • “I think the community atmosphere and the people you meet are unique. People are very well rounded and all have varying interests. The people are very important to Boston College.”
  • “The education teaches you how to work, how to study, and how to succeed in the future. If college was all easy going than in the real world you probably wouldn’t do so well.”
  • “Boston College is a great place to set you up for your career. There are a lot of opportunities in Boston and the school prepares you well to excel at your career.”
  • “We have a beautiful campus and awesome facilities.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you want a more progressive and politically active student body, you might be disappointed. It’s a mix of liberals and conservatives.”
  • “The liberal arts education requires that you take a lot of core courses. I personally don’t have a problem with that because I’m interested in a lot of different things and like the liberal arts education, but a lot of people complain about that.”
  • “If you want a good football school or a big party school, BC isn’t the place for you. Our football team isn’t that good if you really care about that. Social life also isn’t always what you want it to be or as wild as you want it to be.”
  • “We don’t have an LGBTQ center.”
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June 5, 2023

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