Impressions Of
Colby College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Colby College

To Attend

  • “The close relationships you can have with your professors is amazing.”
  • “The community itself is very tight-knit and administrators respond to issues very quickly. You can have a say in what happens on campus if there’s something that you see that you don’t like. As long as you’re willing to, you can change it.”
  • “It’s a collaborative but competitive academic environment.”
  • “The new president is really trying to renovate many buildings and the facilities are really improving. The downtown Alfond Apartments are a dream for any college student. They are also building a new athletic complex and a new arts center.” [Colby’s president, David Greene, took over in 2013 and one of his main focuses is to renovate campus spaces and downtown Waterville. Notably, the Alfond Main Street Commons, which houses senior apartments, has spurred jobs and positively impacted local businesses.]

To Not Attend

  • “The campus can feel very homogenous. There is a feeling of White privilege on campus that can lead to questioning if you are not of that background.” [About 20% of the student body are students of color. The median family income of a student at Colby is $236,100.]
  • “It’s definitely a small school so you get used to seeing the same people on a regular basis and get to know a lot of people very quickly. If someone’s looking for a bigger school where they’re constantly meeting new people, I would say Colby is not a good fit for that.”
  • “Waterville is not the best place to be in the prime years of your youth. There’s not a lot happening around.”
  • “Sports are very prevalent, so if you don’t play sports or are part of that culture it can feel hard.”
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