Impressions Of
Colgate University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Colgate University

To Attend

  • “It’s a small school so the professors really care and will spend time with you. It’s easy to get to know your professors.”
  • “There are nice facilities. It’s a charming, really pretty campus.”
  • “If you like snow and the outdoors, it’s a good place to be. Outdoor Education takes trips all the time.”
  • “What Colgate offers is a place for people who are intelligent and social adept outlets to be that while also having academic rigor. What’s special about Colgate is there are people who can have fun like you would at a state school but are also very smart. It helps you round yourself out.”
  • “The alumni network.”

To Not Attend

  • “The demographic at Colgate is pretty narrow so some people may not feel comfortable. I know a couple of people who have transferred out of Colgate because of that. The lack of diversity here isn’t really advertised.” [About 22% of Colgate’s student body comes from the socioeconomic 1%. It has more students in the socioeconomic top 1% than the bottom 60%. About 68% of students are White.]
  • “The social scene is exclusive. There are mixers between Greek life organizations that other people aren’t allowed to go to. Also, they are cracking down on freshmen being able to go to Greek parties. Greek life is worried about risk and managing that risk, so they make it harder to get in so they know who’s there.”
  • “How the location is cut off from a lot of other places.”
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June 4, 2023

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