Impressions Of
Connecticut College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Connecticut College

To Attend

  • “Seasonal depression in that there is mostly positive rather than negative. Yes, winter is not as happy as spring is. But spring and fall make up for that because it’s so fun. Winter isn’t as terrible as it could be. We get more snow days than most NESCACs”
  • “The friendships you make are very meaningful because you’re spending so much time with a smaller group of people. The size of the school is nice for making lasting friendships.”
  • Honor Code: It isn’t so much of an academic thing as it is a social thing. It’s really nice being able to leave your stuff out at the library. I also think it causes people to be nice to each other.”
  • “The Career Office and Career programs are really helpful and they try to prepare you well with your resume and with interviews.”
  • “If you’re someone who wants to learn about multiple different fields and make connections across different fields, it’s very interdisciplinary here.”

To Not Attend

  • “I enjoyed going to a small school, but sometimes it does feel that it’s too small, it’s a limited space, and there’s nothing new. For some people, it might feel a little confined.”
  • “It’s not the best bang for your buck. The cost has gone up so dramatically and there are other options that are less costly that could provide a better education.” [The total cost for the 2018-2019 academic year is about $71,000.]
  • “Housing. Lots of people are in dorms all four years and it’s hard to get out of a single until senior year. There’s also no off-campus housing.”
  • “We don’t have career fairs and it’s not a super career-oriented place. You need to apply and reach out to the career office. The career office is a wonderful resource, but they will not bring recruiters to campus like a big school does.”
  • “New London is a pretty crappy town.” [The poverty rate in New London is 28%.]
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January 26, 2023

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