Impressions Of
Denison University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Denison University

To Attend

  • “People who go to Denison truly stay connected throughout their lives. When I was applying to schools I met a guy who went to Denison in the ‘80’s and he’s the reason I went to Denison. No matter when you go, everybody who went to Denison has this weird connection, like, ‘You went to Denison? I went to Denison. Let’s hang out and be friends.’ A great reason to go to Denison is the community.”
  • “Academics, particularly the teachers and the classes. The classes are so broad, you can take classes on so many random things, and the teachers genuinely care about you and want to help you. You get to know them and they invite you over to their house for dinner and ask you to babysit their kids.”
  • “The classroom environment. Kids really care and are actually interested in the material. People want to participate in class and it’s not uncool to care about school, do your homework, or talk in class.”
  • “If you want to be a big fish in a small pond and immerse yourself in a very great environment.”

To Not Attend

  • “The fact that you can’t live off campus. It’s a limitation and you’re living in really small areas for four years.”
  • “It can get very small for people. If you’re not aware of what a small school is like or if you want a small school, it could get very old for you by sophomore year.” [There are about 2,300 undergraduate students.]
  • “Depending on what kind of social life you like, it can be limiting. It can be limiting partially because we’re in the middle of nowhere.”
  • “If you’re a city person and like city life, being in the middle of Ohio might be weird for you. I have a friend from New York City who wasn’t prepared Denison because of the small school vibe and transitioning from the city life to Ohio was weird.”
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June 4, 2023

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