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Denison University

Academic Experience

Male Economics Major C/O 2019

Can you describe your weekly coursework for your major?
Now that I’m going into senior year, it’s not a lot of problem sets. It’s more theoretical problems, a lot of reading, and then talking about the readings in class. I have one or two essays every couple of weeks for the History minor. For Economics, I mostly have tests.

Is there anything you feel your major’s department does especially well or especially poorly?
The professors are open for students to coming in and asking questions. They have great officers. They’re very welcoming. I sometimes think in class they go a little too fast and are not as thorough, but if you go in and talk to them one on one they’ll explain everything perfectly.

Can you describe the learning environment? Do you think it’s particularly competitive or collaborative?
It’s very collaborative. I probably do all my homework with someone else or at least consult someone else on how to do certain problems or what they’re thinking about on a certain essay.

Female Global Commerce Major C/O 2019

Can you describe your weekly coursework for your major?
It depends on what classes you’re taking that semester. Global Commerce is a little different than a lot of other majors. You have to take Economics, Statistics, or Math classes during their Global Commerce major, but, at the same time, you have to take History and Political Science classes related to your specific focus. I’m focusing on Europe, so I have to take Political Science classes on Europe and History classes on modern Europe. You also have to take a language, which takes up a lot of time. You get a lot of different work in the major which keeps it interesting.

Is there anything you feel your major’s department does especially well or especially poorly?
I’ll be the first class to finish with a major in Global Commerce, so I think we’ve been the guinea pigs throughout this whole process. It’s been a little disorganized and sometimes not very straightforward about what classes we have to take and what counts towards our major. I am sure that will improve within the next couple of years. Another thing the department does poorly is they throw people into hard classes without much background. [I had to take a 300 level Political Science class without having ever taken a Political Science class.]

The major does a really good job of getting students experience in a lot of different areas. It looks at the economy and the business world from a bigger macro perspective but also dives into the little details. I love how it is also a requirement to have international experience by either interning or studying abroad.

Female Communications Major C/O 2019

Is there anything you feel your major’s department does especially well or especially poorly?
I was undecided when I came in and took classes in a bunch of departments. The Communications classes were the only classes that I really enjoyed because I felt they were a really good mix of reading, writing, studying sociology, psychology, and society, and then using those studies to interpret problems and current events. I think they do a really good job of pulling from a lot of different disciplines.

How would you describe the learning environment? Do you think it’s particularly competitive or collaborative?
I think it’s competitive. People are there to do well and want to get good grades. It’s also collaborative because in a lot of my classes I’ve had group projects and, if I’m in a class with friends, we’ll study together and help each other with homework.

Social Opportunities

Male Psychology Major C/O 2019

What kind of weekend activities or nightlife do you like to participate in?
The party life at Denison is very great. I go out almost every weekend. I go to parties at the senior apartments. Sometimes we’ll go to downtown Columbus and go to bars and clubs there too. That’s always an option because it’s only 25 minutes away. Some people do get a little tired of the senior apartments, but I mean if you want to go out, that’s where you go.

Has being an LGBT student affected your nightlife experience at all?
Not at all. In my experiences, I’ve never had an issue of getting into a party or getting kicked out of a party. Some other people who identify the same way would say that they have, but I feel like there’s more to it because a lot of people know my background and they don’t discriminate against me.

Female Global Commerce Major C/O 2019

What kind of nightlife do you like to participate in?
We have the [Sunset Apartments] (Sunnies), I go there a lot. It’s really fun being with all the people you know in an apartment. I also go down to the bars in Granville now that I’m 21. When I was younger I would just bounce around apartments. I think the most positive thing about Denison’s nightlife is that you’ll always see a familiar face and it is fun going out with all your friends and meeting up with other friends.

What is the impact of Greek life on nightlife?
I think it has a huge impact, especially in my social life and with the people that I interact with. In the spring semester when fraternities and sororities are getting new members, it’s really fun to have mixers with the two. [Greek life is a big factor] in where you go at night. If a certain fraternity or sorority has a party, that’s probably where you’ll end up. I’ll also say that fraternities and sororities can be kind of exclusive on who they include and who they don’t, so that makes a difference as well.

Female Communications Major C/O 2019

What kind of weekend activities or nightlife do you like to participate in?
My friends and I go out at least twice a week on Friday and Saturday. We go to fraternity parties in the [Sunset Apartments] (Sunnies) and then when we turned 21 we went to the bars. My first two years I went out Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. When I got older, I went out just on Friday and Saturday. Those nights I go to the Sunnies and, every once in a while, I end up at the bars. [In Fall 2018, Denison capped the number of people allowed in the Sunnies to 33 people due to structural damage.]

How happy were you with the nightlife? Is there anything you would change if you could?
I loved it freshman year, but since then security has gotten a lot stricter and have been shutting down parties. They won’t let everyone have parties, which the makes the parties are allowed very crowded and harder to get into. It’s also crowded and hot, so it’s hard for anyone to actually have fun. I think they should let whoever wants to have a party have a party unless there was some severe reason why they shouldn’t be having a party. It gets kind of old by the time you’re a senior because it’s the same thing every weekend and you’ve done it so many times. But, honestly, I think it’s fun enough.

Campus Culture

Male Psychology Major C/O 2019

How did you meet your closest friends?
I met my closest friends in many different ways. Most of them through being a member of [my team] and then some just at parties. Honestly, I’ve met 85% of my friends at parties. Also through classes and randomly in the dining hall or through other friends. It’s very easy to make friends at Denison because we are a small community and a close-knit community. You meet people in a lot of different ways.

How would you describe the LGBT community?
I think they integrate with everybody. Some of them have that whole cliquey thing with their own group, but that’s everywhere honestly. The majority are all over the place. We have some in acapella groups, I know a few who are in fraternities. Denison is very accepting, which I think is great and it’s great knowing that we could be accepted there.

Male Economics Major C/O 2019

To what extent do you feel people of different races and sexual orientations mix socially?
I think Denison is still working on that. It’s still a little separated, but it’s moving in the right direction. I know a lot of the LGBT community is having parties with fraternities and becoming more social in that they’re hosting their own parties that they’re inviting people to. It’s the same for African-American groups and Asian groups. Everyone is moving in that direction, but maybe at a slower pace than some people would like.

Do you think people are happy with their choice of Denison by senior year? Do you think people leave loving Denison?
Yes. I think people love going to Denison and enjoy their time here. That’s shown by the different alumni weekends. A ton of people come back and people really enjoy it. Whenever there’s an alumni event you know because a lot of people show up, whether it’s a fraternity event, an athletic event, or with another group.

Female Global Commerce Major C/O 2019

How did you meet your closest friends?
One of my best friends has been my roommate since freshman year. We talked on Facebook trying to find a roommate and it ended up working out really well. My other really close friends came from living in Crawford. My roommate is in a different sorority than me and wanted to live by her friends from her sorority. I didn’t really care, so we lived by a bunch of girls in different sororities and we became really good friends with all of them. All of my friends are athletes. I have friends on [a bunch of different teams], so I think being an athlete and having that commonality made us become really close too. A lot of people get their best friends from their sorority, but my friends are all from different sororities. My friend group has five different sororities in it.

How would you describe the social scene?
It’s like a high school, and a lot of people compare it to summer camp, but that’s because it’s such a small campus with not a lot of people. If somebody breaks up with someone everyone knows about it. That can be tough just because everyone knows your business most of the time. Overall, I love the social scene because you always see a familiar face. You can walk into the dining hall by yourself and probably find someone to sit down with. Denison has a big mix of people hanging out, which I love.

Granville, OH

Pros of

  • “Since there’s not a lot to do off campus, you really get to know the people on campus and the things you can do on campus.”
  • “It’s a great small town with a great community. The town shuts down when we have big games. It’s very homey. I haven’t met many people that don’t like the campus and the surrounding area. You can walk and get to everything.”
  • “It’s cool that you’re close to Ohio State if you want that big school experience. “
  • “Safety. It’s a very safe town. It’s kind of sleepy at night, and it’s hard to get into much trouble.” [Granville is safer than 92% of cities in the United States.]
  • “Granville is a beautiful place. Denison is located on top of the Welsh Hills, so you’re above the town and there are really pretty views and you’re surrounded by trees. There’s a lot of good access to nature.”

Cons of

  • “It’s super small if you’re used to city life. It’s hard to adjust to that. Everything kind of stays on campus, and even getting off campus can feel like you’re on campus because the town feels so small.” [There are about 5,700 people in Granville, OH.]
  • ​”It’s in the middle of nowhere, but that’s just how it is. You know what you’re getting into when you go there. I like the fact it’s in the middle of nowhere in a weird way.”
  • “You’re in a bubble. When you’re up on the hill [on campus] you feel very much secluded from the world. On top of that, you’re surrounded by cornfields.”

Advice for Prospective Freshmen

Male Psychology Major C/O 2019

What is something you wish you knew about Denison before entering as a freshman?
I wish I knew a little bit more about the student body. I wish I interacted with the student body more, just because, coming from California, I don’t go up to somebody and ask them something. I could have gotten a lot of questions I had answered if I had just gone up to somebody and was like, “Hey, I’m a prospective student. Do you mind answering a couple of questions I have?” When it comes to that, we are very open to answering questions because we want people to come to Denison. So, I wish I would’ve asked more questions to the student body.

What’s something that a student may miss on a visit that’s worth checking out?
I would say just how the student body really interacts, so sporting events or random events we have like D-Day. They’re usually there just for when we go to class and maybe dinner. I feel like they don’t really see much of how the student body really interacts with one another and what we do.

Male Communications and Economics Double Major C/O 2019

What is something a prospective student may miss on a visit that is worth checking out?
Hanging out on East Quad during the day on a Saturday. It’s one of my favorite places to hang out with people.

What is something you wish you knew about Denison before entering as a freshman?
I wish I knew that people cared so much about Greek life because I didn’t really know what fraternities were. I feel like I just got thrown into the mix and did what everyone else did. When I was in high school I didn’t think I wanted to be in Greek life but then I ended up doing it because there’s pressure from your friends and older students.

Female Communications Major C/O 2019

What is something a prospective student may miss on a visit that is worth checking out?
I love going to football games in the fall. The first home football game the whole student body will turn out and hang out with their friends. I think it just shows that even though it’s a small Division III school, it is still a supportive campus that has school spirit.

What is something you wish you knew about Denison before entering as a freshman?
I wish I had taken Communications classes freshman year just so I could have gotten my major done more quickly. That way I would have had more time my senior year to take the classes that interested me that I’ve never had time in my schedule to take.

Reasons to attend and not to attend Denison University

To Attend

  • “People who go to Denison truly stay connected throughout their lives. When I was applying to schools I met a guy who went to Denison in the ‘80’s and he’s the reason I went to Denison. No matter when you go, everybody who went to Denison has this weird connection, like, “You went to Denison? I went to Denison. Let’s hang out and be friends.” A great reason to go to Denison is the community.”
  • “Academics, particularly the teachers and the classes. The classes are so broad, you can take classes on so many random things, and the teachers genuinely care about you and want to help you. You get to know them and they invite you over to their house for dinner and ask you to babysit their kids.”
  • “If you want to be a big fish in a small pond and immerse yourself in a very great environment.”

To Not Attend

  • “The fact that you can’t live off campus. It’s a limitation and you’re living in really small areas for four years.”
  • “It can be a small pond after a while. You can get bored with everyone there.” [There are about 2,300 undergraduates.]
  • “Depending on what kind of social life you like, it can be limiting. It can be limiting partially because we’re in the middle of nowhere.”
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