Impressions Of
Dickinson College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Dickinson College

To Attend

  • “I love the students. It’s a small campus and, because of that, you have more accountability for your actions. It’s hard to be anonymous on campus, which can be good or bad, but I like that. I like the close-knit community.”
  • “Dickinson’s academics are really impressive and it’s an up and coming liberal arts school. I’ve never had a class with more than 20 people. You can get a lot of one on one time with professors.”
  • “The sororities are great and worth investing your time in. I got a lot out of it. At Dickinson specifically, sororities don’t have to be your life and you can be involved in other things. It allowed me to have leadership roles, ways to make friends, and positive memories.”
  • “Very small class sizes, it’s easy to form good relationships with your professors and advisors.” [The average class size is 15.]
  • “[About 70%] of people study abroad. Even most athletes study abroad.”

To Not Attend

  • “There aren’t many options for dining because it is a small school.”
  • “Sometimes it feels too small. You can’t walk across the street without seeing somebody you know. You can’t be anonymous if you want to be.” [There are about 2,300 students.]
  • “If you don’t want all on-campus housing, don’t go.”
  • “There’s sort of a white preppy vibe that dominates campus and that can be alienating to people.” [Socioeconomically, 40% of students come from the top 5%. 21% of students are domestic students of color.]
  • “Carlisle’s not that great. Don’t be tricked by the aesthetic value of the campus when thinking about the school itself.”
  • “If you only want one academic path, don’t come here because you have to take a lot of general education classes.”
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January 31, 2023

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