Impressions Of
Franklin & Marshall College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Franklin & Marshall College

To Attend

  • “Sports. Our sports teams are very good in our conference.”
  • “Traveling home is really easy because there’s an Amtrak station right there. If you’re traveling home you can just hop on the train.”
  • “You can get really, really close to professors. They are really approachable and if you want an appointment with them they are ready to help.”
  • “Studying abroad is really encouraged and there are so many programs.” [Over 50% of students study off campus at F&M.]

To Not Attend

  • “If you aren’t able to bunker down and get work done and actually put time and effort into school, don’t go to F&M because that’s the fastest way to fail out. It’s not a school where you can just skate by.”
  • “I don’t think it would be good for somebody who does not like small environments.”
  • “It’s not that diverse.” [About 57% of domestic students are White, 10% are Hispanic and 6% are Black. But, the number of international students at F&M is growing.]
  • “Although I have really good classes and professors, it’s small so there are limited opportunities academically, like for research and internships.”
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February 3, 2023

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