Impressions Of
Georgetown University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Georgetown University

To Attend

  • “Professional opportunities. It’s a school that is pretty well known by people, and it certainly helped me with my internship and job search. Because it’s a bigger school, the alumni network is large and spans most industries you’d want to be in.”
  • “School spirit. Even though our athletics may not have been at their strongest while I was there, people are passionate about Georgetown. The community is connected by Georgetown both on campus and in the outside world. Even though it can feel exclusive at times, the Georgetown community is stronger than the big state schools we compete against because it’s not that big in comparison.”
  • “The balance that the school fosters. It’s a tight-knit community across campus, whether that’s in academics or extracurriculars. It’s small enough that you get a chance to make those meaningful friendships, but big enough to where you’re not necessarily feeling like you’ve exhausted all of your options.”
  • “The student body is really diverse, so you’re always meeting people with different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs. It really helps you form your own opinions and learn from your peers just as much as you learn from your professors.” [The undergraduate population is about 50% White, 6% Black, 10% Hispanic, 9% Asian, and 15% international.]

To Not Attend

  • “There’s not big tailgating scene or Saturday football tradition. There’s one game people tailgate for which is Homecoming.”
  • “The student population is not very socioeconomically diverse. It never detracted from my experience but it was something that was noticeable to me and something that I felt was bothersome in certain scenarios.” [Socioeconomically, 21% of students at Georgetown come from the top 1%.]
  • “It can be academically very stressful. There are times when you’re grinding and you’re spending weekends in the library, but it’s helpful to put in perspective what you’re working towards.”
  • “If you’re not into a very competitive and professional atmosphere.”
  • “If you’re into the arts and want to pursue that seriously, you don’t have as many opportunities for that.”
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January 31, 2023

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