Impressions Of
Gonzaga University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Gonzaga University

To Attend

  • “The community is great, and there are amazing community subsections. People are super open to trying new things here. If you have a genuine interest people will love to help you learn more about it so you can obtain more in that field, or whatever it is.”
  • “The students are super nice and they care about the school and the community. There’s a thing where Zags Help Zags, and it’s true. Students are always helping each other out in all sorts of environments.”
  • “It’s a great community with the alumni network and the student community.”
  • “It’s a great environment with incredibly accessible professors. I feel like the majority of professors want to work with you and want you to be successful.”
  • “Gonzaga is a gem in Spokane. You’re in a community where many students may come from a privileged background, but the community itself is surrounded in the Logan neighborhood which is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Washington, so you have so many volunteer opportunities to get yourself out there.”

To Not Attend

  • “The weather during the winter.”
  • “There is a gap between how certain programs get treated. The business and engineering schools get great treatment, but the foreign language and other arts and science departments don’t get acknowledged as much.”
  • “For people of color, it’s difficult and could be isolating. If you’re not in touch with that group of people it can be difficult to be on a very White campus. Gonzaga doesn’t do a great job cultivating intersectional diversity.”
  • “The price. It’s very pricey.” [For 2020-2021, the total costs were about $65,000.]
  • “Gonzaga might be a little small for someone that wants a very active social life. Once everyone gets settled into their friend groups, it’s difficult to break into those groups.”
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January 26, 2023

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