Impressions Of
Harvard University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Harvard University

To Attend

  • “The opportunities it gives you really open your mind and a lot of doors. The Harvard name is nothing to be shy about, it opens opportunities.”
  • “The people. It’s super diverse and people are really passionate about something similar to your or someone who is weirdly passionate about something else. It’s really fun to sit down and have conversations with people who come from different places and are passionate about different things.”
  • “The academic facilities are incredible. Every field has a lot going on.”
  • “The connections. There are a lot of successful Harvard alumni who are willing to help out Harvard kids.”
  • “Harvard Square in Boston is a great location to go to college. It’s a fun place to be with restaurants, late-night food, and other college students nearby. You can even cross-register for courses at MIT.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you are someone who doesn’t do well under social pressure. If you were thinking about going to a school with a frat party life and the reason you didn’t go there is that you didn’t think you would do well in that environment, you probably shouldn’t go to Harvard because it can be similar.”
  • “If you’re somebody who is super competitive and gets paranoid when you hear your friend got an interview with a certain company and you didn’t. If that’s going to make you explode, then maybe Harvard isn’t the place for you.”
  • “The extracurricular scene, although I do think it’s amazing, it also can be exclusive in its own way. For some clubs, you have to apply, audition, or try out, and it can be a semester-long process and you still might not get in. There are some organizations that have [single-digit] acceptance rates. You can’t come to Harvard and do exactly what you want to do all the time because you have to compete against other Harvard students.” [See The Crimson article, “Comping Harvard.”]
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June 8, 2023

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