Impressions Of
High Point University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend High Point University

To Attend

  • “They practice what they preach. They claim you can get involved in research as a freshman, and that has really been true for me and other people I know on campus. Applying to internships can be daunting, especially coming from a smaller name university, but everything they say they’ll do to help you, they do.”
  • “The class sizes are a very good size. There’s a lot of one-on-one support from faculty and professors. They go out of their way for you.” [The average class size is 18]
  • “High Point is growing at a high rate, both academically and athletically. They have the new basketball arena being built, and they just finished a graduate science building.”
  • “Everything we do is free. We don’t have to pay for laundry, parking, or printing. Those things are helpful, especially in your first year.”
  • “If you’re going to go Greek and get in, you’ll do great there.” [About 30% of students are involved in Greek life.]

To Not Attend

  • “If you want a school with a lot of school spirit for sports, we don’t have much of that. The stadium during basketball games is about half empty.”
  • “The social scene can get cliquey.”
  • “If Greek life is everything to you, you can definitely attend. If it’s not, I know some people struggle with that and making friends. It’s all up to the person. If you’re willing to put yourself out there you can make them.” [About 30% of students are involved in Greek life.]
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January 31, 2023

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