Impressions Of
Indiana University – Bloomington

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Indiana University – Bloomington

To Attend

  • “It has two of the top schools in their focus with the Kelley School of Business and the Jacobs School of Music.”
  • “It’s a big campus, but you can make it feel like a small campus. There are many people and it’s really diverse, so you’re able to meet a bunch of people and get your own small group of friends.” [22% of domestic students are of color, all 50 states are represented, and 150 countries are represented.]
  • “On campus specifically there’s a lot of diversity in culture. We have this thing called Culture of Care, which is this mutual understanding between students of looking out for each other and accepting differences whether that’s in ideas, ethnicity, or whatever it is.”
  • “Athletics. When we have a good basketball team, it’s insane.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you don’t want to drink and you’re not an outgoing person, you might feel excluded because there’s a big culture around it.”
  • “It’s in the middle of nowhere so you can’t really go to a big city on the weekends.”
  • “It is expensive for people who are not in-state.” [For 2019-2020, total costs for out of state students are $47,342.]
  • “If you want to be in business school and you don’t get into Kelley [School of Business], it’s tough finding a different path to take.”
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January 26, 2023

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