Impressions Of
Miami University of Ohio

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Miami University of Ohio

To Attend

  • “The education, which is one of the main reasons I went. There are really helpful teachers.”
  • “The campus feel. If you really want a campus vibe, this is the school.”
  • “The fact that is an old school and has all this tradition associated with it. One of the traditions is that I never heard of is that the nickname is “The Mother of Fraternities” because there are 35 different fraternities at Miami and there were three fraternities and one sorority that started there. There is also a lot of tradition around the football too, like the Cradle of the Coaches.”
  • “There’s a focus on undergraduate education. I’ve had a lot of one-on-one experience with professors. Being a minority, it’s nice to let the professor understand why you have a certain mindset or approach to things. I talk to my Black World Studies advisor on a weekly basis, and most of the time I’m just talking about my life.”
  • “It’s a really good return on investment. They have a really good job placement rate.”
  • “It’s a good place to take a step back. I may hate going through the cornfields on my way to Miami, but it’s also relieving to go through the cornfields because it’s a space where you can be independent and escape the busy city life and busy home life. We may be in the middle of nowhere, but there’s a reason for that.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you want a school in the city, Miami is definitely not for you.”
  • “If you want to have a football team, you definitely do not want to go to Miami. We have a football team but no one really cares about it.”
  • “If you’re not into Greek life. It does tend to be pretty Greek life centric here.”
  • “If you don’t like being separated [from the life outside of Miami]. If you want to feel more connected to the outside world.”
  • “We get a bad reputation for having a strong drinking culture and being in the middle of nowhere, but I think it’s so much more than that.”
  • “There is not a ton to do. You have to push yourself to find things to do other than partying. The closest movie theater is like 40 minutes away, our sports teams are not very good and the sporting events are not that fun to go to. There are some on-campus activities that are kind of fun. For the most part, you find yourself in a small town with a lot of people who share a common interest in drinking, so you get roped into to partying a lot more than you figured you would.”
  • “They have good schools in the university, but some other schools could be bigger. There are good schools at Miami, but there could be a broader range of good schools.”
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January 26, 2023

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