Impressions Of
Muhlenberg College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Muhlenberg College

To Attend

  • “If you like a smaller school and if you like knowing people.”
  • “The small class sizes are good. The professors focus on you, so if you’re struggling you can go meet with them.” [About 50% of classes have between 10-19 students.]
  • “The ease of access between administration, students, and faculty. The fact that you can talk to anyone you want and talk to the president on any given day is a really cool thing.”
  • “The ease of creating an opportunity to campus, whether that’s research or creating events, you can do whatever you want and create whatever you want.”
  • “The culture. Muhlenberg has a unique and friendly culture and if you put yourself out there, you’re most likely going to find a group of people that are going to be some of the best people you’ll meet.”
  • “The food is really good. It’s the #1 dining hall in Pennsylvania.”
  • “It allows you to take part in the different passions you have. I was able to do athletics, focus on academics, and try new experiences being an RA and doing research.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you don’t like people knowing about you all the time.”
  • “It can be cliquey at times, and it can have a little bit of a high school drama feel.”
  • “If they don’t have your specific major, don’t force it. It’s a smaller liberal arts school with limited majors and minors.”
  • “If you want a city school you won’t necessarily get that. Muhlenberg is a campus school.”
  • “If you’re a very social person, this might not be the place for you. The population is kind of small and you’ll see the same people every day. It’ll get repetitive.”
  • “If you like big campuses with sports, tailgates, and a heavy Greek life scene.”
  • It’s a predominately White institution. Economically, the student body is pretty affluent.” [The undergraduate population is about 72% Socioeconomically, about 41% of students come from the top 5%.]
  • “It can feel a little removed from Allentown. There’s the Muhlenberg bubble where people don’t get off-campus. It’s in a more residential part of Allentown, which could be a turnoff compared to a bustling city center.”
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January 30, 2023

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