Impressions Of
Occidental College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Occidental College

To Attend

  • “The campus size. You have more access to your professor’s office hours, it’s easier to know your classmates, and we have a smaller community which feels closer than it would be on a big campus.”
  • “How nice and pretty the campus is.”
  • “The food is pretty good. We’re ranked [ 22] in the nation.”
  • “The location. Being in L.A, you are surrounded by everything you’d want.”

To Not Attend

  • “The dorm life. They are one of the lower sides of Oxy. They aren’t up to date or modernized at all.”
  • “The walk around campus. The campus itself is pretty small, but it’s on a hill so there’s a lot of uphill and downhill walking.”
  • “The limited cafeteria selection. We only have one.
  • “It’s expensive, so if you don’t get a great financial aid package or have outside scholarships, it is expensive.” [The total cost of attending Occidental in 2019 is $72,610. They meet 100% of the demonstrated need of admitted students.]
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