Impressions Of
Ohio State University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Ohio State University

To Attend

  • “It’s a true college experience when it comes to sports, social life, and academics.”
  • “There’s an amazing nightlife mixed with an amazing academic life. The school is hard, but it allows you to learn how to balance and learn time management skills.”
  • “It is a big school, but it also a small school feeling where you can be in a lot of clubs and organizations and work your way up. It has something for everybody. If you want to make your classes smaller you can make them smaller, and if you like big lectures you can have big lectures.” [There is a 19:1 student-to-faculty ratio.]
  • “The all-around social aspect. There is something for everybody if you like sitting in your room, reading books or like going out.”
  • “School spirit and the sense of pride that comes with Ohio State football and sports.”
  • “Being located in the city of Columbus has lots of social and professional opportunities.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you don’t apply yourself it might be easy for you to get lost in the crowd. Professors don’t care if you don’t come to lectures, if you’re not going to pay attention, or do your assignments, so if you’re not going to do that then you’re not going do well. They’re not going to hold your hand.”
  • “If you don’t want to be the Midwest or be around the Midwestern culture.”
  • “While Ohio State has a growing alumni network and is moving up in the ranks, if you want to work at super elite companies, those companies don’t necessarily recruit from here.”
  • “It’s incredibly large with [about 47,000] undergraduates. For me is not a problem, but I understand some people can get freaked out.”
  • “Sometimes I wish I went to a better school academically. It’s getting better, but I could’ve gone to a bigger name school.”
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June 6, 2023

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