Impressions Of
Reed College

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Reed College

To Attend

  • “If you want to go to graduate school. Reed is very much a school that’s built for people to go to graduate school. There are so many research opportunities and writing a thesis is really good for applying to Master’s and Ph.D. programs.”
  • “I love how ridiculous some things about Reed are. We have dances, Renn Fayre, Hum Play, which is when freshmen act out a play at the end of the semester, and many others. If you like dumb traditions that are very much so Reed specific, it’s fun.”
  • “You will be really well looked after by your professors and will learn a lot if you want to.”
  • “If you have a particular passion, whether you know it’s going to be your forever career or not, Reed is a good place to begin to pursue something fully.”
  • “Overall, the thesis process is so useful. If you like your major, pick a good topic, and are working with a good advisor, you’ll grow so much in the process. My research, writing, and self-editing skills are so much better. Now I can write something and have a better sense of if it’s good, and what needs tweaking.”
  • “A big thing for me was that I wanted to nerd out and think school was great and cool, and that’s a positive aspect of Reed. You’re not going to be made fun of for how much you care about academics.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you can’t take six months of darkness in Portland, don’t go.” [On average, Portland has about 164 days of precipitation a year.]
  • “If academia is not your thing and you don’t want to be hearing about theory all the time, it’s not the place for you.”
  • “If you want a school where you can have fun and party and not really focus on academics, I wouldn’t come. We do have fun and party, but Reed is very much focused on academics and that is the number one priority for everyone.”
  • “If you want more institutionalized community bonding, like fraternities, Reed isn’t going to be the place for you.”
  • “The size. It can be really hard to not be seen and known by everybody.”
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February 2, 2023

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