Impressions Of
University of Maryland, College Park

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Reasons to attend and to not attend University of Maryland, College Park

To Attend

  • “If you’re interested in good sports teams and having a big school feel, I would suggest going here. We’re in the Big 10 and, even though out basketball and football teams aren’t always great, they are a ton of fun to go to and nobody takes it too seriously.”
  • “It’s a big school, so you have a ton of resources. Most students don’t learn how to use them all, but once you figure that out it’s super helpful.”
  • “It’s a great balance between academics and social life.”
  • “The cost. There’s a lot of bang for your buck here. You aren’t going to be deep in debt.” [In Fall 2018, total costs for an in-state student was about $27,000.]
  • “The quality of education is getting better and better.”
  • “Maryland is big enough that anyone can find something they want to do there, do it well, and find a small community for themselves.”

To Not Attend

  • “It’s not the safest college town or the nicest. That’s the biggest con I can think of.”
  • “Certain majors have more large lecture-style classes, so if you have a learning disability or really thrive in a small environment that could be difficult.”
  • “It’s a very large campus and some people aren’t comfortable with that. It’s big in terms of the number of people and also the physical size.”
  • “Parking is terrible.”
  • “If you want guaranteed housing for more than a year, don’t come here. You will have to go house hunting and live in an apartment after that.” [About 60% of undergraduates live off-campus.]
  • “If you’re out of state and you don’t have any financial aid whatsoever and you don’t really know what you want to do, I wouldn’t recommend coming here because they aren’t very good with financial aid or helping you choose a major.” [In Fall 2018, total costs for out of state residents was about $51,500.]
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June 4, 2023

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