Impressions Of
University of Colorado at Boulder

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Reasons to attend and to not attend University of Colorado at Boulder

To Attend

  • “The weather is amazing, unless you like rain because we don’t get much rain.” [On average there are 245 days of sun in Boulder, with the US average being 205.]
  • “The buildings are really pretty.”
  • “There are lots of options with classes and clubs, so anybody can find something they like.”
  • “The professors are really good. Even though it’s such a big school, they’re really good about creating individual relationships with students.”

To Not Attend

  • “It is a very large school. There are a lot of people here.” [There are about 35,000 undergraduate students.]
  • “It can get expensive. Clubs and extra stuff will cost more money. You have to plan ahead financially. Financial aid, as helpful as it is, fills up pretty quickly.”
  • “Some majors are a lot more difficult than others. I think a lot of the engineering, math, and science majors have a superiority complex to some of the arts and politics majors.”
  • “The lack of diversity.” [About 68% of undergraduates are White, 12% are Hispanic, 8% are Asian-American, and 3% are Black.]
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