Impressions Of
University of Florida

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Reasons to attend and to not attend University of Florida

To Attend

  • “The resources are vast. You can get involved with anything you want to, which is something you may not get at other schools.”
  • “It’s a growing academic institution. Last year we got ranked among the top [25] public universities.” [According to Forbes, UF is ranked as the #13 public college in the U.S.]
  • “Saturdays during football season.”
  • “The school spirit is insane.”
  • “I like how even though it’s a big school, having the opportunity to join clubs can make your community feel very small if you wanted it to.”
  • “People are very proud to go here. I don’t know if respectable is the right word, but there’s a great sense of community, especially during football season. Everyone loves being a Gator, and once you are, it’s part of who you are.”
  • “If you want to join Greek life, that’s a big thing here.”
  • “The student body is diverse. Although there definitely are the dominant groups, you can find people from a lot of different places.” [The undergraduate population at UF is about 6% Black, 17% Hispanic, 53% White, and 7% Asian. About 35% of the Class of 2022 are from out of state.]

To Not Attend

  • “The class sizes can get pretty large.” [In the 2017-2018 academic year there were 219 classes with 100 or more students and 31% of all classes had 30 students or more.]
  • “Location. If you want to go to a school more so in the city, Gainesville is not the place for you.”
  • “It’s a very big school, so if you’re intimidated by the size.”
  • “People will say that the University of Florida was built on racist intentions, so that might throw off some Black students.” [See Tampa Bay Times article, “At UF, black students feel a reckoning on race is long overdue.” Additionally, in September of 2018 the University of Florida received an F ranking for racial representation by a University of Southern California Race and Equity study.]
  • It can be hard to get involved in certain organizations if you’re not in Greek life. If you’re someone who wants to be really involved in something like student government, it’s more of an uphill battle if you’re not in Greek life. [See Cosmopolitan article “University of Florida Senior Speaks Out Against Student Government Practices in Troubling Viral Video.”]
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February 3, 2023

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