Impressions Of
University of Oregon

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Reasons to attend and to not attend University of Oregon

To Attend

  • “The professors are pretty accessible and, for the most part, want you to learn.”
  • “If you’re into sports, the school runs around sports. I love the competitiveness of it and being able to identify with your team through the ups and downs.”
  • “Eugene is such a cool city, and everything in Oregon is cool. There is so much to do and see.”
  • “The people are super nice and accepting. In general, there’s a space for everyone.”
  • “Networking-wise, Oregon does a good job of setting people up to find jobs after college.”

To Not Attend

  • “The weather might scare a good portion of people away. Seasonal depression comes with that.”
  • “Depending on what your major is, the education isn’t amazing. It’s not a top-tier school, but I feel like my education in my major is good. I think you have to seek it out. Certain classes can feel like a waste, so you have to be intentional about which classes you take.”
  • “It feels like a business enterprise. They’re increasing tuition and building a bunch of things on campus that feels unnecessary.” [See The James G. Martin Center article, “How Nike Transformed the University of Oregon.”]
  • “For some people, how liberal the campus is might not be something everyone likes. The process for Christian groups becoming recognized on campus was more difficult than it should.” [See The Daily Emerald article, “Yanez: ASUO’s bias against conservative student organizations” and article, “A Republican reality: Being red on a blue campus.”]
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January 26, 2023

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