Impressions Of
University of Southern California

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Reasons to attend and to not attend University of Southern California

To Attend

  • “The quality of education. The professors, TA’s, and student instructors know what they’re talking about. USC also offers a lot of resources to help when you’re struggling.”
  • “It’s really fun and there is always stuff going on. In every way, it’s been a positive experience. Even if you’re not a huge partier, you can find other things to do at USC. It’s not all about that.”
  • “The social environment and culture are something you won’t get anywhere else. USC’s known for social life for a reason. It’s so fun.”
  • “The proximity to so many cool things in L.A. and around L.A.”
  • “The resources available are so good because we’re a private school and have such a strong alumni network.”
  • “USC has a lot of connections with businesses around the world.”

To Not Attend

  • “If you don’t want a big school or want small classes or lots of one-on-one time with professors, this isn’t the school. Unless you make an impression consistently, your professor won’t know your name if you’re in a lecture class.” [The student to faculty ratio is 8:1.]
  • “The costs of attending USC and living in L.A.” [Total costs for 2019-2020 were $77,459.]
  • “It’s a very social school and can be a party school, so if you don’t think you can handle that maybe consider some other place. If you’re somebody who doesn’t partake in it or drink, it can be overwhelming.”
  • “If you’re not a fan of big schools. USC does a good job of making a big school seem small, but if you get overwhelmed by the number of people on campus and you prefer working in quieter and more controlled environments, than maybe it’s not for you.”
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January 25, 2023

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