Impressions Of
Vanderbilt University

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Reasons to attend and to not attend Vanderbilt University

To Attend

  • “Great nightlife and a good balance of work and social life.”
  • “The name of the school carries some weight and can help with getting a job.”
  • “It prepares you well to succeed with whatever career you end up choosing because there will be some mentor along the way, whether it’s a professor, alumnus, or career center worker that knows the field that you want to work in.”
  • “There is good financial Aid.” [About 70% of the class of 2021 received financial aid.]

To Not Attend

  • “Greek life is dying and a lot of fraternities are getting kicked off. It’s too early to see whether that is going to resurge or not.”
  • “The social life can be overwhelming. I know that some people have commented about how Vanderbilt has a really strong extrovert culture, which I tend to work well with. A lot of people who feel more introverted don’t feel like there’s as much space for them on campus. The way our campus culture is set up is you are forced to be thrown into a lot of social scenes, so I don’t think it’s supportive of all different personality types.”
  • “It is competitive. Students like to complain that their grades are deflated. It is tough to stay afloat if you have a tough workload or are not used to grinding as much as the college expects from you. It can be pretty demanding.”
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