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Interview Date:April 2018

Gender Identity: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Middle Eastern, I’m from Lebanon
Graduation Year: 2018
High School Experience: Private school in Beirut, I went to the same school for 14 years, so leaving that and coming to Conn was definitely a big change for me. It was an international school, and you have to two systems, the English system and French system. I was in the French system, so I also had to transition with languages after high school. English is my third language.
Major: Psychology
Minors: Double minor in Art and Gender and Women’s Studies
Extracurricular Activities: I’m in the International Student Association, which is really important to me. I’m also in Amnesty International which is a club that’s all about international human rights. Then I’m also in CISLA [Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts] which requires you to do an internship abroad.

Is the International Student Association a club that helps students adapt?
Yes, exactly. If you’re an international student, you’re already part of the club. It comes with international orientation, which I really liked about Conn. We came before the domestic students and it was important to them that we were adjusted. Getting to know everybody that was in the same boat that I was and getting to know the campus before having Americans surrounding it was very helpful. On top of that, we each get an international student that is our adviser and mentor on campus and that was very effective.

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