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Interview Date:March 2018

Gender Identity: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Graduation Year: December of 2019, so after the fall semester
High School Experience: I was homeschooled. I’m from Hebron, Connecticut. I started taking classes at my regional University when I was 16, so that was more of my high school experience.
First-Generation College Student: No
Majors: Double Major in Political Science and Russian
Minor: Economics
Extracurricular Activities: I primarily participate in the debate team at UVM, and then I am a member of the Amnesty International Club

What impact did your extracurricular activities have on your experience?
I would say I had half of my foot in the door [with Amnesty International Club] because I was so busy with other things. That was a really good experience in terms of introducing me to campus issues within our country and our world, and about human rights abuses and what we can do to address that. It was a good chance for me to meet with like-minded people who are concerned about human rights. We also did really interesting things, like go to New York and lobby and have the chance to meet other amnesty organizers. The impact was really positive in that it educated me and made me a more well-rounded individual and it also taught me how to organize with other people for a collective good. Then the people themselves are really interesting and friendly. I actually joined that club when I was in the doldrums of freshman year feeling like I needed something new. That gave me a way out of that stagnation.

The debate team is far more complex. I was a debater in high school so debate is a really big part of my identity already. The debate team at UVM is very strong, we are able to do a lot of competitions and things like that. I was able to grow as an individual because I was going to a lot of new places and meeting a lot of other really incredible individuals and really intelligent people. It taught me how to deal with conflict in a lot of ways. Like any team, we have issues with interpersonal relations and we had some pretty major coaching staff switch-ups. So, this year in particular, other than just intellectual grown, has been dealing with potentially toxic dynamics and learning how to solve them and overcome them.

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